Welcome to Dallas Bangla Theater

We at Dallas Bangla Theater harbor a perspective about theater which varies widely from the conventional notion of theater held by the general public. It is our firm conviction that wholesome and pragmatic theater activities are vital to the continuity of our rich literary and cultural traditions. As such, theater is much more than just a mode of entertainment. It is the means to achieve loftier paradigms. This is the mindset that gave rise on December 31, 2009, to the founding of Dallas Bangla Theater. Each of the devoted souls, who constitute the lifeblood of Dallas Bangla Theater, have their roots deeply embedded in the opulent heritage of Bangla Culture and heritage. Hence the recurrent and nostalgic quest to seek out gems from Bengal's literary giants. Our journey initiated with the stage adaptation of "Shasty". And throughout our three-year endeavors, we have strived to shine the spotlight on such treasures from Bengali literature as Tagore and Jasimuddin's works. Likewise, contemporary writer Selina Hussein's short story has naturally found its way into our production celebrating our glorious language movement. Our latest venture "Oedipus," by Greek playwright Sophocles, is yet another attempt to keep the spirit alive.

In a diaspora, the aim of any down-to-earth theater group should focus on introducing the next generation of immigrant children to their rich and diverse cultural roots. Also, the need to foster a bond or build a bridge between the ethnic and the mainstream culture cannot be overemphasized. Our first production 'Shasthy' and second production" Shojon Badiar Ghaat" have amply fulfilled both expectations.

By providing a creative forum for self-development through the exchange of ideas and expertise, we strive to produce high quality theater productions for the advancement of Bangla culture and heritage. The essence of our synergistic efforts has guided us to recognize and "celebrate the essential power of theater to enlighten our common humanity."